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Innovating for a Better Future

Innovation Challenge- Replacement of Single Use Plastic

This Challenge is  a collaboration between Climate Diplomacy week ( European Union Delegation in Sierra Leone) and Freetown Pitch Night. During Climate Diplomacy Weeks, EU Delegations and embassies of several EU Member States around the world hold various events to foster dialogue and cooperation on climate change, showcase success stories and inspire further action. This … Read moreInnovation Challenge- Replacement of Single Use Plastic

Open Innovation in Education Study: Concepts and Business Models

The Creative Commons (CC) community has an ongoing interest in how traditional and new business models interact with, leverage, and give back to the commons. To address this topic, CC published its book “Made with Creative Commons” to show the full spectrum of open business models using CC licenses. The authors’ goal was to answer … Read moreOpen Innovation in Education Study: Concepts and Business Models

Open Innovation and the Creation of Commons

As a sociologist of science, I am interested in how scientific research, technological innovation, and society are linked together. I was always fascinated by the open source movement, and this fascination grew into a strong advocacy when I started to use free and open source software myself to collaborate with fellow scientists. When I first … Read moreOpen Innovation and the Creation of Commons

Seven common open innovation models

#1) Challenges

Companies can set innovation challenges to gather ideas and find solutions. These can either be public events where anyone is able to contribute, or they can be private with specifically selected partners.

Innovation challenges can be defined to solve a specific problem that is already well-identified, such as Unilever’s innovation portal seeking solutions to problems with the storage, packaging, and transportation of food products.

On the other hand, these challenges can also be broadly defined to encourage participants to submit a wider range of ideas, as with AT&T’s Accelerator Challenge seeking new ways to boost the engineering capabilities of today’s students.

Innovation challenges are an excellent way to gather new ideas and boost brand visibility.

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