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DreamDay University is a web-based online learning platform based in Freetown, Sierra Leone, that is owned and operated by DreamDay Technology Limited and hoping to launch soon. As the first FREE online learning management systems (Distance Learning) with an advanced library(Salon Repository), we are looking for  partnerships. We believe that education has the power to break through boundaries and transform lives and that education should be FREE. Such commitments require innovative approaches that go beyond  simply building more educational institutions. With the Covid-19 in an increase in our country, DreamDay University will not only bridge  the gap in the educational system in Sierra Leone but will serve as a solution and complement students on-class experience by signing up for FREE classes from Lecturers and Academicians among the most popular universities or colleges with the potential to reach thousands of students that are:

• Students that are yet to enter university or college,
• Students who cannot afford college fees but still want to take classes on their dream course,
• Continue university or college student who wants to understand his/her course better by taking courses from other lecturers in other universities and
• Workers who want to improve their knowledge but are too busy to attend daily classes. We will be able to reach these students regardless of geographical location, financial status, religion, tribe, and political limitations.

It is a combination of a repository, library, and archive. It is an institutional repository that may be an archive for collecting, preserving, and disseminating digital copies of the intellectual output of institutions, particularly research institutions. Institutions around the world have started converting their traditional documents into electronic formats such as HTML or PDF, which people can access online and print if necessary. Great writers like Prof. Joe A.D Ali has spent decades trying to improve the educational system in Sierra Leone through his writing, now few of his books and articles can be found in libraries and book shops but how long will those libraries and book shops keep the hard copies. With Salon Repository, students can:
• Use the repository to publish their dissertations
• Writers can publish their books and articles
• Educational news etc.

This idea is to complement the Government’s “FREE and Quality Education” and help promote the educational services using the internet as a better and easy solution, that will allow students to take free online courses, anywhere and at any time.  The internet presents a wide range of opportunities, for Sierra Leone as a developing country. This will help promote education from an online perspective that higher educational institutions, tertiary and other academic institutions and stakeholders can make use of and it is a step forward to bridging the gaps between the traditional educational system using the educational services of the internet. DreamDay University does not only allow students to take courses online but will also include an online search center (Salon Repository) that will allow students to explore and publish their dissertations, books, articles, magazines, journals, etc. We also accept courses from individuals, companies, organizations, and societies i.e.
• HR companies creating courses on HR-related and entrepreneurship etc.
• Associations or Societies e.g. the Sierra Leone Associations of Journalists (SLAJ) can create training courses for journalists nationwide through the platform.

We value and appreciate any sponsorship or partnership or support to meet our visions and goals towards online access that is 100% FREE for all. We are seeking to expand our reach and goals of access to the greater students and viewership if we have the necessary support needed.

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