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We’re a for profit Agric business created by students in the agricultural sector. Cassava is one of the most used agricultural products in Sierra Leone and in Africa. On February 2019 hundreds of thousands of households were left without bread across the nation (Sierra leone) ,as bakeries complain of the sudden huge increase in the cost of imported flour and some bakeries threatened to go on food strike which left many consumers hungry throughout the day.
The cost of a bag of flour fluctuates between $35 and $50 due to dependence on importation, the cassava flour is an alternative to reducing burdens on imported flour.
This will not only benefit us the students but also create community involvement among local farmers who are planting cassava by buying their produce, this homemade flour can be used for variety of purpose like ,bread, donuts cakes,and the likes that match up with international standards.
Our future goal is to achieve zero importation of flour into our country and create the bridge to also export cassava flour into other countries.

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Agriculture Multimedia and Entertainment Group
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Agriculture Multimedia & Entertainment for Growth (AMEG)
AMEG offers the best Business Development and Management consultancy for your company in Digital Technology, Health Care Services and Products, Agriculture, Food Production, Packaging and Distribution, Business and Personal Branding, Creative Industry (film, music, fashion), Tourism, Artist Management We also provide services like; Project Facilitation & Implementation, Business Plans, Business & Project Concept Notes, Business Pitch and Project Proposal Writing, Event Management and Show-Business. Reality TV Showbusiness is currently worth $ 2.5 million in Sierra Leone and our Tailor Brands Reality Fashion Design TV Show prides itself as one of the prized assets in the Reality TV showbusiness in Sierra Leone.


AMEG is searching for suitable developers who will develop an ecommerce platform that translates the features and vision below;


AMEG Digital Africa project and Maspafrica product seeks to digitize the African market through an e-commerce platform that will cater for businesses and entrepreneurs in the Transport, Creative, Health, Food and Agricultural Industries, we strive to create a one-stop digital shop that will provide a global market for the industries listed above where clients and customers can sell, buy, network, learn and collaborate on projects on the same platform. The aim is to connect the Africa markets through an African platform that is dedicated to connect African businesses with the world. We see a future for Africa where essential services can be delivered online. Where you can access medical services and products online and they can be delivered at your desired location easily, quickly and comfortably.


Please note that the said position is not a paid one but rather, we are giving the developer (s) an opportunity to own up to 50% shares of the total project which is estimated at $ 5 million in the next 7 years. We already have $250k worth of cloud credits and perks from AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean and IBM cloud to boost the said platform when created.


Join us to make history and most importantly make the lives of our Sierra Leoneans better with digital technology!

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